Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Family planning is an eminently social institution :
fight prejudices, cultivates knowledge and promote awareness towards preventive health and happiness of individuals, families and society.
Milestone in the development of Family Organizations was the recognition by the UN. The General Assembly of the UN, for first time in 1966 declared that "every family should decide freely the number of members" (General Assembly, Resolution 2211).
Two years later in 1968, the 20th anniversary in Tehran, the World Congress of the Rights of the Individual, customizing and extending the right of procreation formulated the principle that is fundamental right of parents:
i) to choose freely and responsibly the number and timing of birth of their children, and
ii) have adequate training and information in this field.



  • Avoiding unwanted pregnancy

  • Bring on a desired pregnancy

  • Check during time interval of childrens’ birth

  • Check the ages of the couple (especially women)    



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