Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Social Movement

The Family Planning in Greece as a social movement by the time our organization founded was non existent.

At that point, there was no such intention on behalf of the state towards promoting the idea.

The reasons could not be formatted. The fact is, however, that apart from any socio-economic conditions, the confusion of the Family Planning with the demographic situation in the country, the reluctance of the State on issues related to the church, and the pass though the 7 years dictatorship, could give a brief answer to the this question.

So the idea of ​​establishing an organization Sprung and came to fill a real gap in this field in Greece.

In particular November 1976 a small group of sensitized individuals wrote the Articles of Association of Family Planning (Ε.Ο.Π.), signed the memorandum and elected a provisional board. 



The concept of family planning involves a series of decisions concerning the suitability of the year, and generally streamlining the parameters for a family.

In Greece until 1976, in the medical field, apart from some discussions and searches from sensitized individuals or small groups and some scientific work, which had highlighted the problem of abortion in our country, there was nothing essential and integral to the institution of family planning.

In 1973, the Greek Society of Family Planning was established by a group of scientists, consisting mainly of doctors. The Society until 1976 had no public appearances or activity. The Greek Society of Family Planning actively engaged since 1976, mainly providing services to "Alexandra Maternity Hospital" where the Center for Family Planning opened.



The Greek Association of Family Planning (E.S.O.P.), as a non-governmental, non-profit organization is immobile target the proper planning, and organization of individual’s and family’s life for a happier future. The E.S.O.P. , founded in 1976, is leading to the identification and dissemination of the institution of family planning and its members participate voluntarily.

In May 1985 in Paris, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (I.P.P.F.) recognizing the work and supply our body unanimously approved the request of the Greek Family Planning Association along with 148 other countries to join the Federation, following the statutes and strategic planning. 


Youth Team

In 1997 within the E.O.P. Youth Group continues to contribute forces to protect their sexual and reproductive rights of individuals. It consists of young people from various industries, mainly from health professionals, students and schoolchildren aged 18-30 years. The purpose of the Youth Group is to promote the objectives of E.O.P. in Greek society, to reach their peers on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Furthermore, inform young people through educational and recreational events and surveys on issues affecting them.

On November 3, 2006, the Board of the International Planned Parenthood Omospondias awarded certification to the Greek Association of Family Planning, after controlling for the establishment, administration and planning. Moreover E.S.O.P. a member of E.S.C. (European Society of Contraception) - European Society of Contraception, participating in campaigns and conferences.

Since July 2008, the Company is registered in the Special Register of the N.G.O. Hellenic Aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and submit proposals for programs in developing countries.

Moreover, the Greek Society of Family Planning deals with vulnerable groups and strives to promote and defend sexual and reproductive rights, this is not cultural or religious criteria with respect to any specificity.

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